Cinderella Tale

  Once upon a time, once upon a time, in one of those distant lands, there lived a beautiful and sweet girl named Cinderella. Since this girl's mother changed her world when she was little, her father was trying to raise her with love by being both mother and father. Her father, who decided to marry after Cinderella grew up a little so that her daughter would not be alone, remarried. When her stepmother entered the life of this beautiful sweet girl, she changed the name addressed to her along with her life. Everyone began to call her Cinderella or Cinderella now, she. Her stepmother had come and settled in the house with her two daughters. The stepmother and her daughters, who adored their daughters, disliked Cinderella because they were jealous of her beauty and kindness. The two stepdaughters weren't as pretty and sweet as Cinderella. Moreover, they were brought up in a very rude and uncouth manner. One day, Cinderella's father went on a business trip to dist